Bioproduct Research Group

This research group consists of five different research areas:

  • enzymes synthesis (chitinase and CGTase)
  • enzymatic processes resulting in improved poultry feed and biovanillin
  • biopesticide from antifungal compound
  • downstream processing of cyclodextrin and biovanillin (bioseparation)

Our research focus on producing several types of bioproducts using substrates
which are shrimp aquaculture waste (chitinase), sago starch (CGTase) and
OPEFB (biovanillin) by microorganisms bioconversion. Most of our projects
apply the same process, by utilizing biological pathways via fermentation of substrates to obtain beneficial biological compounds.

These projects are conducted with the same vision which is to improve the quality of nowadays bioproducts and the strategies to obtain it, where at the same time lowering the cost of production by the invention of new technologies.

Currently, there are four PhD students registered under this group that focus on production of chitinase from shrimp waste, CGTase through molecular approaches, production of bioactive compound for biocontrol of anthracnose disease and bioseparation of vanillin respectively. Four Master students focus on enzymatic improvement of brown rice, production of biovanillin, CGTase production from sago starch and adsorption of high-value cyclodextrin.


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Research Projects

Scaling-up Production of Chitinase Enzyme
for Shrimp Aquaculture Waste Processing

This project focus on producing inexpensive chitinolytic enzymes via utilization of aquaculture waste processing. The chitinase-producing strain, Bacillus licheniformis TH-1 was isolated from the crude oil excreted chitinase. The optimization of this growth medium was carried out using Response Surface Methodology in designing and selecting the media for enhancing the microbial growth and production of chitinase enzyme.

Over Production of Cyclodextrin Glycosyltransferase
(CGTase) Through Molecular Cloning Approaches

This project focus on production and optimization of CGTase through molecular cloning approach using locally isolated alkalophilic strain. CGTase is a multifunctional enzyme converts sago starch into cyclodextrins (CDs). This conversion gives many benefits to industrial application. Alkalophilic bacilli received major attention for industrial application due to their high activity over a wide range of pH and temperature. Sago starch is used as substrate due to its lower production cost and higher yields than other starches.

Enzymatic Improvement of Nutritional Value
of Brown Rice for Poultry

This project focus on improving the poultry industry by producing better animal protein product which will lead to higher demand for poultry feedstuffs. Brown rice is used as feedstuff to replace white rice and maize because it is cheaper and contains higher nutrients that give positive impact on body weight gain of poultry. The addition of enzyme able to assist the endogenous digestive activities of poultry, remove anti-nutritional factors and also render certain nutrients more readily available for absorption and enhance the energy value.

Vanillin Bioproduction from Alkaline Hydrolysate
of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch (OPEFB)

This project focus on producing vanillin from oil palm empty fruit bunch (OPEFB). Vanillin produced is safe, environmentally benign and have low content of harmful substances. The usage of OPEFB will solves the problem of scarcity of petrochemical resources that are being used currently in the vanillin synthesis by chemical means. The much higher price of the natural vanillin compared to the synthetic vanillin and strong market demand for environmental friendly products has been leading to growing interest of the flavour industry in producing it from natural sources by microorganisms bioconversion.

Study on Bioactive Compound Produced by a Potential Indigenous Actinomycetes Strain for Biocontrol of Anthracnose in Chilli

This project focus on extraction of bioactive compounds from soil borne Actinomycetes for antagonistic reaction towards Colletotrichum gloeosporioides which have the ability to control anthracnose disease. Actinomycetes had been well known as the main producer of bioactive compounds in the world. In this study we will be using organic solvent extraction method. The characterization and identification is conducted to the bioactive compound which responsible for the inhibitory of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides as casual anthracnose causing fungus in chili.

α-Cyclodextrin Production from Gelatinized and Ungelatinized Sago Starch using Locally Isolated CGTase-producer

This project focus on the production of CGTase by locally isolated α-cyclodextrin producer. Enzymes producing primarily α and γ-CD are relatively rare compared to β-CD. Enzymes capable of predominantly producing a particular type of cyclodextrin can decrease purification costs, hence can be valuable. Sago starch has become an alternative substrate for cyclodextrin production because of its low cost of production and higher yield. Raw sago starch and gelatinized sago starch are investigated on the effects of parameters and optimize using Response Surface Methodology to produce higher yield of α-CD.

Adsorption of high-value Cyclodextrin

This project focuses on the downstream process of producing high-value Cyclodextrin which is the purification process. The adsorption-desorption method is used to get the adsorption isotherm of cyclodextrin on the selected adsorbent. The mathematical modelling of the adsorption and desorption of Cyclodextrin will be done to develop a continuous process which can produce more product at shorter time compare to currently batch process. gPROMs software will be used to develop the modelling.

Bioseparation of Vanillin

This project focuses on large scale production of biovanillin using the previously optimized fermentation condition, continuous separation of biovanillin from fermentation broth using membrane bioreactor, and the study of the stability of the biovanillin produced. It is expected that a large scale continuous separation system will be developed from this research work.

Chilli Attacked with Antracnose Disease

Chilli Attacked with Antracnose Disease

Collected Faeces

Collected Faeces

Aspergillus niger convert ferulic acid to vanillic acid

Aspergillus Niger Convert Ferulic Acid to Vanillic Acid

Determination Concentration of Cyclodextrin using UV-vis Spectrophotometer

Determination Concentration of Cyclodextrin using UV-vis Spectrophotometer

Screening of CGTase Producing Bacteria

Screening of CGTase Producing Bacteria

Enzymatic Hydrolysis

Enzymatic Hydrolysis

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