Research Areas

Environmental Biotechnology Research Group (EB Group) was officially started in 2005. As the group expands, sub-group system was introduced and the groups were categorized based on research areas. Until now, we have four main research areas and each sub-group was named after the research areas, i.e. Bioenergy, Bioproduct, Bioplastic and Biofertilizer.

Research areas of EB Group

EB Group seeks to address the environmental issues in relation to sustainable development. With our tagline “Waste to Wealth Through Biotechnology”, we focus on the utilisation of biomass for the production of value-added products. For example, under the Bioenergy research area the potential of biomass as renewable energy has been the main highlight. Bioenergy group has successfully produced biogas (methane) and biohydrogen from palm oil mill effluent (POME) and is currently focusing on the production of bioethanol and biobutanol from oil palm empty fruit bunch (OPEFB). Bioplastic group on the other hand has introduced a coupling system for wastewater treatment and polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) production. PHA, a bioplastic can be produced from organic acids obtained from anaerobically treated POME. Another research which is on PHA recovery by non-halogenated solvent is currently on-going. By the introduction of the coupling system and also the PHA recovery by non-halogenated solvent, it is expected that a sustainable PHA production could be developed. Moreover, we have recently involved in a research on bioplastic chemical recycling. We are keen to introduce the chemical recycling concept for cascade utilisation of PHA.

Through our expertise, we also have created success story for another research area, Biofertilizer. Biofertilizer group has developed a process for accelerated and controlled composting. The system is capable to decompose raw material such as OPEFB within 30 days. Apart from biocompost, a study on biochar production from OPEFB is also carried out under Biofertilizer group. This study was initiated by a Japanese who is now our close collaborator for this project. In the meanwhile, under Bioproduct research area we have several different projects which are related to the utilisation and production of bioproducts such as biovanillin, CGTase and chitinase.

EB Group research is conducted by outstanding researcher s and students, in close collaboration with the companies and institutions within Malaysia and overseas, such as Japan and USA.

A detailed overview of each sub-group's research is given by the research areas listed in the menu on the right hand side of this screen.

Our Collaborators

Our researches are funded by various funding agencies especially in Malaysia and Japan.

We greatly appreciate theirs continuous support for this research.

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