EB Group Research Report

EB Research Group, currently our group expending into various area of research especially in Environmental Biotechnology. We are strongly focused on the current and important areas especially bioenergy, biodegradable, and biocompost. A few related topics were covered in order to strengthen the knowledge and research skills for related applications such as water and wastewater treatment and recycling, process design, enzyme technology, bioprocessing and molecular biotechnology techniques.

2011 Research Report

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2010 Research Report

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EB Group Overview:
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Bioenergy Group:
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Bioplastic Group:
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Biofertilizer Group:
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Bioproduct Group:
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2009 Research Report

EB Research Report 2009 is the first research report from our group. It has been written from the students and with their research committee as well. Apart of it, the research report, were supported by 8 academic staffs, 41 students (17 Phd, 24 MS) and 7 RAs working in the vital niche parallel to the research topics. As a research based group, we keen to share our little knowledge related to the research and development of biological products through this research report. The report are addressed on the specialised topics conducting with integrated experiments and technology to unveil the beneficial finding. Most of the topics were discussed to overcome the current issues and promote new solution for industrial application.

The report also covered mathematical and statistical analysis enclosed with relevance field data. We are also delighted to share our idea on the conversion of agro-waste residual to the value added bioproducts such as biogas, biohydrogen, biofertilizer, bioplastics, bioethanol, and biobuthanol. The soul of the report was compliment with the group principle; “waste to wealth through biotechnology”.

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