EB Group Activities

The activities of the Environmental Biotechnology Research Group range from theoretical investigations and experimental research to industrial application. This work encompasses efficient used of waste biomass and development of economic feasible biomass utilization technologies.

The Group’s research includes the following:


  • Development of high yield methane gas production system by using palm oil mill effluent (POME) as well as gas capture and electricity generation system
  • Development of biomethanation and decantered system intergrated system to treat wastewater
  • Development of dark fermentation biohydrogen production system from palm oil mill effluent (POME) and food waste
  • Development of pretreatment and efficient fermentation system for sugar production
  • Development of novel design bioreactor for bioethanol and biobuthanol production
  • Development of low cost purification process


  • Developing advanced production process for bioproducts such as chitinase, CGTase, biovanilin, and active compound for bio-pesticide
  • Studies and conducting enzymatic improvement approach on nutritional value of brown rice for poultry


  • Development of high quality, high yield and low cost biodegradable plastic
  • Enhance economic feasibility for purification process in bioplastic recovery


  • Development of accelerated composting system for lignocellulotic material
  • Development of nobel design in advanced composter
  • Studied microbial enhancement in composting process
  • Development of low cost biocharcoal production from lignocellulotic material
  • Enhance wastewater treatment by using low cost biocharcoal
  • Studied the application of biocharcoal in intergrated composting process

The group's work concentrates on biomass utilization technologies. It encompasses fundamental research works, scientific projects, consultation projects and industrial collaboration.